Welcome to Thermal Donkey!

just me

Hello, neighbor! I suppose you're wondering what this is, well it's just about me. Sorry to disappoint.

I'm a senior at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, studying Software Development. I've been programming for about a year and a half now, mostly in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I love web programming, which is why I've decided to build this site for some extra practice. Here's a list of everything I've gotten my hands on so far:

I've spent the last year and a half working with Linux and deploying to CentOS and Ubuntu machines. This is my first personal server, so let's see if we can't have some fun! To cut to the chase, I'm a Vim-er, Vim-anatic.... Vim-inite......I like Vim. If I could Vim in every place of manual text-entry, I absolutely would. Speaking of text-entry, I'm also very much into documentation. Having just recently entered the IT scene, I remember how confusing and frustrating it is to jump into all this nonsense with absolutely no direction at all! Therefore, I work hard to make sure my code speaks for itself, but still provide very descriptive documents on my works. Perhaps this is why I love Ruby so much, because the language is pure bliss, as far as reading is concerned. If you haven't looked into Ruby before, seriously go check it out. And if you have heard of it before and for some reason don't like it, yeah...you should just leave now, cuz it only gets worse...

Other random hobbies include:

Yeah...for now, that's all I got. Come back soon and I'll like have a blog set up or something. In the meantime, go look at some cool things down there, yo!

Maybe we'll try to do some cool PHP stuff, like on my page counter!